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Steel Spring Beehive Valvespring Kit for 4G63


•We offer this set as a cost effect, drop-in replacement for 4G63 applications looking to spin up to 10,000rpm and run up to 40psi boost.

•Utilizes the same proven PAC Racing ovate beehive springs as our High Pressure kit

•Features our FEA-optimized and heat treated steel retainers. 

•Designed for use with the OEM spring seats

•Fits all 4G63 engines including DSM and EVO

•Compatible with all popular cam profiles

•Kit Includes: Chromoly Steel Retainers and PAC Racing Springs

•100% Made in the USA

•Seat pressure = 85lbs at 1.475"

•Rate = 325lb/in

•Max recommended lift = 0.500"

•Min recommended spring height at full lift = 0.900“

•Parts normally shipped the next business day.

4g63 Valve Spring Set - Steels Beehive

SKU: 1010
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