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Several questions may be answered in our tech data section found here:


If you can’t find the answers in our tech data or in the parts description, below are a few other common questions that may help you.

Can I buy individual spring parts separately?

We will sell a few individual pieces due to localized damage or a customer losing one or two. We do not sell full sets of our valve spring kit components as individuals. Please send inquires to


Do you sell keepers or seals for your spring sets?

No, sorry. Our parts were designed to fit with OEM or OEM replacement aftermarket parts.


Is the HLA adjustable?

No. The HLA is set to begin restricting at 15psi, the same as the stock unit it replaces. Once 15psi is obtained, the stock unit will dump any excess oil to the head which stacks up and often ends up in the catch can. Our unit actuates at 15psi, then keep the excess oil in the bottom end were it is needed.


What’s the torque spec for HLA bolts?

8ft-lbs using no gasket or sealant


What’s the flexplate torque spec?

150 ft-lbs


Do I need to use the OEM Flexplate spacer with the flexplate?

If you are referring to the thin plate that sits between the OEM flexplate and crank bolt heads, no it is not necessary. We consider it an optional piece. The flexplate should sit directly against the crankshaft, the optional spacer place goes between the bolt heads and the flexplate. We tested our Laser both with and without that thin spacer and noticed no difference. That being said, once the Laser was running consistent high 7s in the 1/4mi, we started to use again.


What crank bolts do you recommend?

We use and recommend OEM crank bolts.


Do I need to use the OEM starter plate with the 6 bolt in a 2g kit?

No, the 2pc adapter plate set does not use the OEM starter plate too.


What clutch pack is best for my application?

We recommend the 5-friction pack for the majority of cars. We've had customers getting good results and a decent life span running the 5-friction pack down to mid-8s in the 1/4 mile. The 6-friction pack is more of a stop-gap and a cost effective option for drag cars that are close to needing our billet front clutch, but still hoping to squeeze out a new personal best with the OEM basket. Due to the thinner steels and depending on driving style and transmission heat, the 6-friction pack may become a maintenance item more quickly than the 5-friction. As power increases and limits are getting pushed in these transmissions, it really starts to become a give-and-take game.


Can I use the trigger kit with an ATI damper?



Do you offer a Military discount?

Yes! 10% off. Please message us for a coupon code.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If you find that the website calculated rate exceptionally high, please message us directly for a quote. Those rates are calculated automatically and are occasionally too high.

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