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  • Restock Expected 09/28/2022
  • High friction diamond-infused shims now available for crankshaft damper and trigger wheel. They fit 6-bolt and 7-bolt 4g63 engines. 
  • This newly available technology increases grip of the joint by a factor of 3-4x bare metal surfaces. 
  • This pair of shims are installed on each side of the trigger wheel. This joint can experience slip during high rpm usage, if high shock loads occur, or when not enough crankshaft bolt clamp load is transmitted through the trigger wheel and damper. 
  • Thickness: 0.005" 
  • The loads the damper sees increase with both engine torque and rpm. 
  • Recommended in applications above 500ft-lbs torque or above 9000rpm.
  • Two friction shims are needed for maximum grip. 
  • Sold in pairs

High Friction Shims for Trigger Wheel and Damper

SKU: 3601
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