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4g63 EVO / DSM Crank Trigger Kit 

12 Tooth Wheel Kit- #3550. 12-1 Tooth Wheel Kit- #3590

The 12-tooth billet crankshaft mounted trigger wheel provides robust, high accuracy engine position. Fits all 4g63 including 6-bolt, 7-bolt, DSM & EVO - Balance shafts must be deleted.

•Fits all 4g63 including 6-bolt, 7-bolt, DSM & EVO without Balance Shafts. 

•Designed for use with an aftermarket ECU, such as Haltech, FuelTech, AEM and Others. Does not work with stock ECU.

•12-Tooth Wheel options include with or without threaded puller holes. The threaded holes allow for easier removal of the wheel after use - this feature was requested by racers.

•*NEW* 12-1 Tooth (12 minus 1) Billet Wheel Option - The removed tooth on the 12-1 would be the 105deg BTDC tooth. This wheel is interchangeable with our current 12-tooth or 2-tooth V2/V3 kits but will require setting changes in the ECU.  This wheel should be choosen if it is recommended by the ECU manufacturer. •Notice to AEM Infinity Users: AEM Software does not allow for configuring the skipped tooth using the 12-1 wheel (most other ECU manufacturers have the required feature).

A modified 1 pulse per revolution Cam signal is still required (1g, 2g, or EVO). While the 12-1 skip tooth on the crank sensor delivers information for the crankshaft position, it does not know if cylinder 1 is seeing overlap or compression. A single tooth cam sensor with its one pulse per every 2 engine revolutions is what provides the signal to tell which revolution the engine is on. If the camshaft sensor is not modified, it will have one pulse each engine revolution and this is not enough information for the ECU to determine which revolution it is on.

•Allows easy intake cam timing adjustments and supplies a more stable trigger signal, free of timing belt and valvetrain oscillations.

•Kit includes: Billet Trigger Wheel, Billet Mounting Bracket, Plug-and-Play 2g/EVO Harness with connectors, Mounting Hardware. (Cam Sensor is required but NOT included.)

•Target Sensor Air Gap: 0.025-0.035"

Requires an OEM style cam sensor PN:MD327107 or 23731W000P - Select this if you need one

•Parts normally shipped the next business day.

4g63 Crank Trigger Kit, Billet Trigger Wheel

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