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•This is the WHEEL ONLY with sensor shims (for air gap) and NOT the complete kit.

•12-Tooth Billet Wheel for Kiggly Racing V2/V3 Crank Trigger Kits. V3

•12-1 Tooth Billet Wheel (12 minus 1) - The removed tooth on the 12-1 would be the 105deg BTDC tooth

•Either wheel is interchangeable with our V2/V3 Trigger Kits. 

•Machined Billet with Nickel Plating

•Options include with or without threaded puller holes. Adding the threaded holes was due to racer request to ease the wheel removal after installation.

•Target Sensor Air Gap: 0.025-0.035"

•Parts normally shipped the next business day.

Crank Trigger Wheel, 12 Tooth or 12-1

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